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Shay Brown Events Management is proud to present a series of conversations with dinner, an intimate concert series and the Downtown Food Truck Rally at the Historic Asheville Masonic Temple.

These events will benefit area charities in Western North Carolina Area, as well as support the renovations of the Historic Asheville Masonic Temple.

The dinners will be curated using the area's finest farm-to-table ingredients and transformed by renowned local chefs. The dinners will consist of four small courses which will be alternated between each chef and a joint creation for the cocktail hour. The dinners will be paired with wine (included in your ticket cost) and the cocktail hours will be hosted with live entertainment and a full bar highlighting the area's most talented mixologists. Desserts, coffee, and after dinner drinks are included in your ticket price and we will close the evening with a show for your enjoyment.

The Intimate Concert Series will host artists for an evening of music and conversation in the historic Asheville Masonic Temple.  This series will feature a celebrity host who will lead a thought-provoking and entertaining conversation with the artist, along with hearing some amazing music. These events will host a pre-cocktail hour and VIP event after the concert.

The Downtown Food Truck Rally will be hosted in the early spring/summer and late fall and will consist of national and local area food trucks, entertainment on the main stage, and other fun activities for your family. This event will be a full day of entertainment that has proved to be fun for everyone involved.

We look forward to hosting you in true Southern Style to our series of Dinners, Entertainment, Art and a few surprises along the way.

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