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Dress Shopping with My Sister

From the eyes of Amy Wood – SBE Wedding Planner:

My little sister is getting married!!!  As her sister, bridesmaid, and of course wedding planner, I wanted to share behind the scenes tips and insight of the journey.

First of all, when I started wedding planning many years ago, I thought of all of my clients as sisters.  There are 5 of us girls, so older or younger, more traditional or bohemian, I had a sister that reminded me of most of my brides.  It also was a way to keep focus in those unexpected (and at times overwhelming) moments.  “If this were Lissa how would I help her?  What would I do for Abby if this were happening?”  Well now it is Abby and it’s so exciting to be able to give to her what I try to give to all of my bride-sisters!

Here are some of my favorite memories of  SBE bride-sisters:

Jen Yuson Photography at  High Hampton Inn

VesicPhotography at YesterdaySpaces

Recently all of us sisters met-up for dress-shopping.  Now, having 4 older sisters boss you around could be some people’s nightmare (think “that doesn’t look good on your shoulders… nope not that one, go try on another… what’s his family going to think of that fit…”).  Who can tell it to you as bluntly and with as much sincere love and happiness for you as your sisters?

Here we are with all the sisters

This brings me to my list of tips:

Tip #1 – When dress shopping or facing any decision in wedding planning (or life), know what you need from your team and select appropriate people.  Abby’s top store was BHLDN  and she had only an hour to try on too many dresses.  This was also her first dress appointment and her selections were all over the place.  It easily could have turned into her not getting through half of her dresses.  Plus, there are only a handful of BHLDN stores in the country. If she could not decide on this trip, logistically it would have been difficult for her to get a BHLDN dress.  What she needed from her team was help focusing on the cuts, color, fabrics, etc.  And, did her team let her down?  Not only did we get her through all her dresses, but we had 20 minutes to spare for her to go back and try on the top 3 and really give them the time they deserved.

Tip #2 – Know when to walk away.  After all the twirling, hair up and down, mock bustling, and holding it next to bridesmaid’s colors, it was time to go.  We left, got food, got lost, and made it home.  On the drive we dissected each facet of the dress, sisters campaigned and changed camps, and Abby was given assignments (put images of you in each dress all over your bathroom, visualize yourself walking down the aisle and Nace seeing you, send pictures to a few family and friends etc.).  She still didn’t know and we went on with our lives.  Sometimes you need to make decisions before you’re totally ready, but sometimes you have the luxury of time and settling into what feels right.

Final Tip #3 – Know what matters to you.  In the conversations a couple of deciding points came out.  One dress’s favorite feature was the stunning lace back.  Given the time of year and location, during most of the reception Abby likely will have a stole covering the lace.  She didn’t want that dress if the back was covered.  Another top-contender was gorgeous, but felt more appropriate to a church ceremony and formal reception, not the ranch wedding she’s creating.  And then one dress had a cut that she loved but her fiancé didn’t.  This got side-tracked in a sisterly debate as to if his opinion of the dress mattered.  For Abby it did, after all she didn’t want him wearing something she didn’t totally love.

At a certain point she knew the dress that was right for her, for her sweetie, for the location, and for what she wants to create and experience on wedding day.  The decision was reinforced when we were at the ranch. She could picture herself there on wedding day and deciding hair styles, and selecting jewelry.  I’m most happy that Abby has a dress she is so happy with and that she kept the process fun.  Wedding planning is full of big and small choices and with the right support and mindset it can be a really exciting process.

I can’t show you pictures of Abby’s dress yet, but here are a few more of my favorites from past SBE bride-sisters.


BlueSkyStudios at Old Edwards Inn

We look forward to helping you plan your wedding and keeping it all stress free, fun and exciting. Contact us today for more information.

XO, Amy

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Ceremony Decor

It is all in the setting and here at Shay Brown Events we love creating a design and vision for your wedding day that will be remembered for a lifetime!

A wedding ceremony that is created especially for you.  This is where all of your family and friends gather to watch two become one, as you take your first steps down the aisle together as a married couple.
Your loved ones as witnesses, it provides the spoken promises to one another to keep forever and always from this day forward. Make this a beautiful moment to remember with these lovely design ideas.  From the grand estate of Biltmore to a family warehouse church, SBE listens to what is important to you and we create a vision that is reflective of you!
Here comes the bride! What better way to walk down the aisle to your beloved than one lined with gorgeous flower arrangements, petals, lanterns or candles.
These romantic decorations set the tone for the first day of the rest of your life. Pretty pinks and neutrals create an intimate setting for an indoor venue, that feels lush and romantic.
Sunrise and sunset weddings are absolutely breathtaking. These types of ceremonies create the most amazing backdrops for the moment you say, “I do”. The rising or setting of the sun will catch the glimmer in your eyes as you say your vows to the one you love most.
Indoors or outdoors, ceremonies mark a memorable moment for you and your guests. Depending on the season, you may wish to have your winter wedding ceremony inside to keep your guests toasty or in the warmer months head outside for the natural glow of the summer sun.
No matter where the location a rustic barn, luxurious mansion, a family home or a national park. This moment is one to remember and cherish for the rest of your lives.
We at SBE look forward to helping you create a ceremony to remember.  From planning with one of our amazing planners to having Shay design and create a breathtaking backdrop, we are here for you!!
Till next time,
The SBE Team
XOXO, Taylor
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Wedding Favors

What will your guests take away from your wedding? At Shay Brown Events, we want your guests to have a unique and wonderful wedding experience with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Wedding favors are a thoughtful way to thank family and friends for coming to celebrate the big day with you. Traditionally, these gifts consist of bags of chocolates, potpourri, or mints these are things your guests will enjoy but we like to encourage our client to give something that will be a lasting memory.  So let’s switch it up a bit and give them something they can remember you by for years to come!

One of our brides incorporated beautiful greenery and pastel colors into her wedding day and wanted to send her guests home with the gift of beautiful plants. These adorable succulents and air plants are placed in simply decorated mason jars –  they were the unique present she was looking for. Succulents are easy to care for and will remind your guests to let love grow!

Have you and your partner started any new hobbies lately? Perhaps jams and jellies are your new obsession? What about a newlywed brew or an fruit infused vodka? These homemade gifts are personal and make a customized gift from the two of you.

An increasingly popular idea is customized mugs, shot glasses and mason jars.  These are perfect for guests to use for filling their cup during the wedding and a great take home present for many years of use… Another fun favor is small bottles of your signature liquor with ribbons and a cute thank you note for your guests to enjoy another day.

Whatever your wedding favor idea is, Shay Brown Events is here to help you execute every detail to make your wedding the wedding of your dreams.
XOXO, The SBE Team
Images from
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Breathtaking Mountain Wedding

Happy Labor Day Ya’ll.. We truly enjoyed this beautiful wedding for Alix and Julian at Hawkesdene. They were such a beautiful couple both inside and out and were so much fun to work with during their wedding. Thank you Jessie Felix for capturing the moments that made this wedding so special. We are so lucky to be able to #design and #plan breathtaking weddings for special couples. Thank you, to all the vendors that contributed to making this day something they will always cherish. Thank you, Loveinc. for publishing this special day and all the special touches for this #mountainwedding. #sbeevents #sbedesign #thesouthernweddingexperience #wncmountains #allinthedetails

Alix and Julian’s Mountain Wedding

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Winter Wedding at Old Edwards Inn, Highlands NC

The warm days are gone here in Asheville! We, at Shay Brown Events, are really looking forward to our winter events and loved this wedding at Old Edwards Inn so much we thought we would have a flashback to this beautiful winter day for those planning their winter 2016/2017 weddings.

Old Edwards Inn is an amazing venue year round but is particularly special after a fresh dusting of snow. This European style retreat is set atop the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina giving your wedding the perfect scenery and backdrop. We loved the photographer, Nick Breedlove Photography. He captured the beauty of the season and was a delight to work with.

It may have just snowed the night before, but that did not stop this bride from showing off her lovely dress with her bridesmaids. She rocked her warm fur coat and heels before making her way down the church aisle and then into her stunning reception at Old Edwards Inn.

Sparkling white lights and gorgeous greenery created the most amazing ambiance for this winter wedding. Glowing candles and fresh flowers made this night comfy and cozy for all to enjoy. Guests loved the warmth of the venue while watching light snow blow around outside through the large open windows surrounding the reception.

Beautiful centerpieces and decor are what we live for. Candles and delicate flowers are perfect for an intimate table setting. The incredible flower arrangements were done by Oakleaf floral, they turned out so wonderfully. These flowers mixed with silver votives add touches of elegance and reflect the brightness of tea lights around the room for a remarkable candlelit dinner.

The SBE Team is here for you every step of the way as we plan and design your perfect wedding. We take such pride in our work and want to make your day everything that you ever wanted it to be.
Until next time,
The SBE Team
All Images from Shay Brown Events
Venue: Old Edwards Inn
Photographer: Nick Breedlove
Florist: Oakleaf